The Four Directions team brings skilled negotiators, facilitators, strategists and consultants to your organization.  Highly experienced and educated, they are equipped to tackle proposal and program development, fundraising and strategic planning.

About Four Directions

Founded in 1993 by Dan George (President and Lead Negotiator) and his wife, Teresa George, Four Directions boasts a large network of consultants with a variety of skills and abilities to meet the management, facilitation, research or strategic planning goals of your community or organization.

Teresa, Dan, Brittany, Amanda

Teresa, Dan and their daughters Brittany & Amanda

Our team

The strength, adaptability and success of Four Directions lies in our team. With a core team of experts and a vast network highly skilled of associates, we are able to assemble a customized team for the unique needs of each project and organization.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where individuals and families are cherished; organizations and communities are supported; multiple points of view are respected; and cultural diversity is valued.

Our Values

We will:


Our future is in our families.

  • balance the needs of all of our partners by listening generously and with curiosity.
  • role-model respect in all our behaviors and actions.
  • operate with high individual and organizational integrity.
  • embrace and encourage diversity.
  • always have an attitude of gratitude.
  • strive for excellence in all our ventures.

Our Mission

In pursuit of our Vision, we will build bridges of better understanding between Aboriginal peoples, industry, local communities, and governments to inform and realize greater collaboration through more strategically aligned activities.





Our Strategic Goals

  • To ensure two-way communication that is timely, relevant and purposeful.
  • To adapt to fast-paced change, responding quickly to partner and community demands.
  • To continuously improve our core competencies through up-to-date skills and training development.
  • To ensure the effective use of new technology while respecting traditional ways of knowing, seeing and being.