Our approach is interactive—drawing upon the strength and experience of our clients—in both the design and delivery stages.  You will find our team serves as guides, allowing the solutions to emerge out of your own community, conversation and even challenges.


Our Approach

To accomplish this we draw upon current management techniques—recognizing that we operate within a modern context—while allowing history and traditional teachings to remain very present within the approach.


Just as it’s difficult to witness the power and beauty of a soaring eagle without seeing the glint of the sun or the evergreen tips of the towering cedar, leadership should also be experienced and expressed in a holistic way, merging strengths and strategy, vision and application, tactics and evaluation. Leadership is a journey, rather than a destination to which you will arrive, but a opportunity which you will hold in trust and express through ongoing growth and learning.



Our commitments

Authenticity. Being transparent and authentic at all times.

Being present. We attend directly—in words and actions—to your needs at each stage of the consulting process.

Adaptability. The only constant is change, our team’s experience has made us very resilient (perhaps even eager) to challenges and changes as they occur.