With a holistic approach to leadership and engagement, Four Directions will guide you through decisions, challenges, opportunities and growth by using approaches deeply rooted to First Nations practice and stories, while aligning the most recent innovations in management practices and leadership. Four Directions guides conversations for your organization, helping you to overcome challenges either within or in engagement with others.

We guide. Using our skills and strengths, our team helps you navigate the consultation process, community engagement, strategic planning, decision making, and conversations.

You decide. No one knows your situation, team and challenges better than you, it is only fitting that you choose how to work through them using the tools we’ve equipped you with.

Our Canadian hosted technology offerings include:

MocTALK delivers direct, multi-user, real-time exchange with fellow users, and adapts to countless topical environments. Both user-friendly and comprehensive, MocTALK streamlines and amplifies large-audience communication. (More information at http://moccasintelegraph.ca)


MocDOCS is a customizable record management system designed to improve efficiency in First Nations Government management. MocDOCS enables a Nation to centralize member records, housing records, and other documents in a central, secure, access controlled environment. (More information at http://m-tech.ca)