About Us

About Four Directions

FDMS is an Indigenous economic, social, and community development organization dedicated to responding to the expressed needs of its clients which includes First Nations, industry, and government. With more than 25 years of experience, FDMS is one of Canada’s most prominent and experienced Indigenous consulting firms.

FDMS, a 100 percent First Nations owned entity, specializes in facilitating relations between Aboriginal communities, industry and government as well as guiding Indigenous groups in their own strategic planning. FDMS brings community-based planning strategies and needs assessments to Aboriginal groups. FDMS’ reputation among Indigenous leaders and governing groups in BC speaks to its effectiveness and ability to empower change.
Conversations among Indigenous groups can be complex and require an individualized approach tailored to each community. FDMS understands that a conversation about economic development is really a conversation about social development. When people do not have sustainable employment, negative social issues arise.

FDMS has delivered meaningful engagement through culturally sensitive processes, while understanding that ongoing, respectful conversation is achieved by creating a comfortable atmosphere that lessens the anxiety of Aboriginal and non-Indigenous groups when difficult situations inevitably arise about activity in non-ceded and treaty area within BC.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where individuals and families are cherished; organizations and communities are supported; multiple points of view are respected; and cultural diversity is valued.


Our Mission

In pursuit of our Vision, we will build bridges of better understanding between Indigenous peoples, industry, local communities, and governments to inform and realize greater collaboration through more strategically aligned activities.

Our Values

We will:

• Balance the needs of all of our partners by listening generously and with curiosity.
• Role-model respect in all our behaviours and actions.
• Operate with high individual and organizational integrity.
• Embrace and encourage diversity.
• Always have an attitude of gratitude.
• Strive for excellence in all our ventures.